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Blood Donation
Last Thursday, I went to clinic for blood donation. That was the first time I donate my blood. They’re asking for 400cc maximum for each donor but I given 650cc. They allow me, since I’m pretty healthy and they need more blood since other donor wannabes are rejected for many reasons. I felt little dizzy the first time I rise from the bed. “Twas great!

Thursday again, another first time happened in my life here in Doha – watched movie.

I love some changes in my life here.

Note: Message posted last October 18 was remove in this page... :-| 

Posted by Sandro T. Rafael at 23-Oct-2000

After posting my previous message, I was really surprised how many people visiting and reading this webpage. And most of all, how many of them (really) care for me. 

Did I sounds really down in my last posting? No I'm not! I'm just trying to be creative and to express what's in my mind and what I feel. ‘Twas just been one of those ordinary days…

This is where my anonymity theory in web diary is all about. How can I write here without thinking other people that knows me what they will think when they read it? It’s difficult, right? Well, I’ll keep on experimenting.

Thanks to all the people that show care. Nothing to worry folks, I’m perfectly fine and situations are all under control. Cheers!

One last thing, I received one email from one of my friend (you know who you are) and saying, “ain’t” is not a word! Well, check this out pal, “ain’t” is a word! Now, make sure when correcting me. Nyahahaha. V

Posted by Sandro T. Rafael at 12-Oct-2000 

Ever have one of those days where it feels like everything's going downhill? Like nothing you try to do works out, and there's nothing you can do about it... 

That was me, today. I feel like I'm falling behind, but I don't know what it is I'm trying to keep up with in the first place. Like I'm in some futile struggle against nothing in particular, and I'm not entirely sure it even matters because my actions seem to be fairly insignificant anyway. Everything, apparently, is a waste of time and effort, however little (or much) time and effort one might put into things. 

No, I'm not sliding into clinical depression or anything, and I'm sorry if I seem melodramatic. I'm just in a slump, and not sure how to get out of it. Maybe I need to clear my head a bit (oh no, I don't want to shave my head again!). Or maybe spending a day away from work - but it would just make me feel more like I'm lapsing, so I should stay in and finish a few projects. Maybe make some phone calls. I dunno. I think I'll base it on what will happened tonight. I'll try to play basketball and/or run in seaside. Or something. 

Last week, I'm really tired mentally due to problem we faced in our company's connection to the Internet. Our ISP changed the IP address of all our servers, and it seems it's kinda simple and straightforward changeover but the lone ISP here in Qatar give me real pain in my ass sitting and hacking our DNS server for whole week. They don't understand that our domain is completely depending on their DNS server. Even I configure it right in our domain, they should do it accordingly in there side since they are our Primary DNS server. It took whole week for them to figure out what's the problem, causing to suffer all companies and government agencies here in Qatar. Our legal department I guess preparing a complain to that stupid ISP for affecting our business.

You know what, since I bought my car, seems like people (friends?) surround me are creating some kind of conflicts with each other. I'm studying now there pattern and behavior and I should be careful not to create any trend and force that will be against to any of us.

Here's something else I've been thinking about. How hard is it to run a website that nobody (at least, without some real effort) can link to you? And also I've been reading a lot of weblogs recently, and have come to the conclusion that you can only really let loose on a web journal if you don't care what people you know will think when they read it. One could keep a traditional diary, 'tis true... but with a diary, no-one else at all ever reads what you've written, which makes the whole exercise seem fairly pointless to me. If you had a truly anonymous web diary, though, you could gain the comfort of knowing that people are reading what you write (and perhaps responding) while simultaneously maintaining some privacy. Anonymity is a powerful thing, and unfortunately the current trend seems to be to destroy anonymity wherever possible. 

I think I'll give that a shot. Hopefully, you'll never know whether I've succeeded or not. 

Yeah, after writing this, I'm feeling better now. Whatta therapy!

Posted by Sandro T. Rafael at 10-Oct-2000 

Me and my Pajero
Wahoo!!! I got a new Pajero! This is one my dream to have in life, and it’s now real. What a feeling, my excitement is really astronomical high! It’s like… I dunno how to describe this, the feeling is different. I never feel this emotion in my life before.

Basically this car is like a combination of God’s Blessings and my own reward to myself. For the past years I’m doin’ great in my life (I don't know if this is really true, but at least I feel it) and I deserve this car. And of course God is the only source of all, and everything’s possible because of Him. I believe this is a gift from Him.

I’m giving this car to His Hands. Please make it always safe.

Tonight, we will go to church together and attend mass.

I got a new friend.

Posted by Sandro T. Rafael at 14-Sep-2000 

Back Online
For more than 3 weeks of vacation and almost connected offline on the Net, nice to be back. With new innovative ideas, more clear goals, and higher standards in living, I'm really excited to start my new kind of life.

Huge thanks to all the people that became part of my enjoyable vacation. My heartfelt apology to others that I'm unable to give enough time.

I took some picture on that vacation and possibly I'll post some here.

This homepage will be part of the least of my priorities, expect fewer updates and still depending on my mood.

That's it for now, I just want to inform everybody that I'm back online again.

Keep in touch

Posted by Sandro T. Rafael at 04-Sep-2000 

Hacking Time
Yesterday I was pretty bored, feeling sleepy and unproductive. I tried to divert myself by trying something *divine*. I get into one of my beloved network (I’ll not give the details to protect them until they don’t fix the security holes), and I was really surprised they have only very minimal security. Without any sweat in my fingers, I’m able to login inside their core servers, and even to some of their clients. This is really very very very bad, and I don’t believe it. I can even alter the web pages in their web site; get the root account of their mail server – but I didn’t do it.

I send an email to one appropriate person in that domain, informing the lack of security, and leave also one message in the server addressed to the administrator.

Hopefully they will make necessary action ASAP to protect themselves to crackers (unreal hackers), because what I’d done others are more capable, and they can do unimaginable damage. 

I don’t touch anything in that domain; I only leave a message to the administrator in one server, and give them friendly advice. Nothing more, believe me.

Oh by the way, they are using Windows NT, no wonder. 

Posted by Sandro T. Rafael at 02-Aug-2000 

Lost Interest (well, sort of)
My desire in updating my homepage is lost again. For more than 2 weeks I never made any changes here except for adding the NoXQz page (my college group). By that span of time, I was pretty busy hacking my Linux boxes. I was pissed off with my Slackware due to lack of available documentations and support, so I tried to use my old-buddy Redhat. Now, I’m running RHL 6.2 using kernel 2.2.16 and applying latest security patches in my 3 toy servers. I installed the minimum program to run the box and manually installed other specific needed program using latest tarballs (not rpm). It rocks with maximum optimization for Pentium III processor and 128MB RAM. Security-wise this is really secured using SSH in replacement of Telnet for my remote administration and closing all unused ports plus using a strict firewall rule “Everything not specifically permitted are all denied" for each server.

I’ll never say goodbye to my very reliable Slackware, I just tried Redhat for fun.

Happy fiesta to all Pandananon. Barayle kita, basta maing araway! Don't forget to attend mass.

Posted by Sandro T. Rafael at 30-Jul-2000 

PS in, ICQ out
This weekend I spend almost all my time playing Play Station. Yesterday from 2:30pm to 9:30pm and today 1:00pm to 6:00pm. ‘Twas cool and fun. I really enjoyed it. I guess, this will be my new past time.

To all my ICQ friends, I want to say goodbye to all of you. You will not find me online again. As I observed my time was not properly invested in chatting in ICQ. The original purpose of my ICQ is to communicate to my family and real-life friends and ex-colleagues but as time goes, I collected couple of tens of unknown friends out there. I care for all our friendship but its just my time is very limited. Please find time to email me if you still want communication, but I bet you’ll not, coz your thinking I’m sucker. Peace be with you all! If I were you, I’ll not waste my time doing social stuffs here on the net, there’s lot of information you can find here. Your brain is Hungry!

Posted by Sandro T. Rafael  at 15-Jul-2000 

Oasis Night
Whatta night... first we went to church to attend evening mass...  then go around the city until we felt the hunger. But we want a place we never been... and that's Chinese restaurant in Oasis Hotel. Is that a Hotel?  I dunno, seems it’s an Entertainment Club. The place is kinda weird, it looks like a Temple House outside but once you go in... hehehe.. it's like a shoddy night spot in PH. There's one girl dressed in Chinese in the entrance and asked us "Are you sure you are not a military and you’re above 25?" I felt little nerve since I’m only 24 and maybe she will ask for my Residence Permit and it will show there my real age. Good thing, some other guests arrived and made her busy. When we enter another door, I hear a song of Jessa Zaragoza that bring fellow Filipps inside wild (personally it sucks, i hate those kind of song ehhh)... Oh boy this place is unimaginable existing in this place… 

The band playing looks familiar to me  - when I had an opportunity talking w/ the band members, I found that they're "Moon Shadow Band" performing before in Pizza House(s) (chain) in Olongapo, and Hard Rock Subic in PH – my hangout place while working in Acer. They’re great specially the keyboard and lead guitarist. Well the female vocalist, should be consider as a dancer not a singer.

I drink couple of fresh fruit juice and big bottle of mineral water, while my friend finished 5 beer cans. I’m not feeling well last night – having slight fever and I’m pretty worried who will gonna drive - I nominated myself.

Went home 1am, shower to freshen myself, and say good night (morning) to our company’s server by checking and clearing logs remotely – when I found my sister in UK is online in ICQ. I greet her, but she’s not my sister! “Hey this is Neth, I’m using your sister’s PC”. We chat for a while until maybe she felt bored talking with me, she pass it to Daisy. They are beautiful and young nurses making money in UK. I met Daisy last time I went for vacation in PH, while Neth is a new friend to me. Stay cool gals, talk to you next time.

Finally, my bed scream at almost 3am.

Expect new section in my homepage dedicated to my college group NoXQz. Vivian our muse in this group (please no objection to Johanna, Jesila and Lalaine, I just want to motivate Vivian) suggested to add this section for us to have one page in the web. Hey Babes, plan for it and contact Jhun our president and we can post here anything including our CVs for possible job hunting. Let me know of any developments.

This weekend will be just a resting day for me. I still have slight fever and I’ll slow down myself. How fascinating our body reminds us how vulnerable we are, and we should take care of it to stay us sane. If tomorrow I’m still not feeling well, Manoy please gimme prescription.

Posted by Sandro T. Rafael  at 07-Jul-2000 

Bring back the old stuffs (by request)
After posting and uploaded my new (look) web page with only one uncool page, it's amazing that one netizen happened to visit my old website, send me an email and according to him… ”I was surprised when I return back to your home page – different page opened! I thought your home page was hacked...“ 

Bwahaha… (lol). C'mon friend get real, who the hell will gonna find interest hacking this site. But yah ur right, I hacked this site.

Well, he mentioned that I should include (back) my old sections 'coz according to him 'twas cool. That's great! For a long time this homepage sleeping here and I guess no one visiting or finding interest - no wonder since even me don't want to visit my own hp. I was really surprised when I received that email requesting to bring back my old stuffs... I'm flattered. hik hik!

Last night, I went out for a great dinner, farewell party of my colleague Ayesha our Systems Analyst. She will move to US and find her fortune to an icy place. Good luck Ayesha, wish you all the luck. Virtually we can still be together...

I saw two movies today. I saw Matrix (this was my x3) and Mission Impossible 2. I was somewhat disappointed with had a certain Scooby Doo quality to it. But the John Woo stuff outweighed that.

I'm still struggling in my Linux firewall script setup. It seems all rules are properly set but when I'm testing in real time, still it sucks. Bad day today, hope something good will happened at least before the weekend here over.

Posted by Sandro T. Rafael  at 01-Jul-2000 

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