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Iím Sandro T. Rafael, and I've spent the better part of my life to date in Doha, Qatar. It's one of those middle east countries that are pretty cool until you get old enough to save big bucks and have enough time to start wishing you were in an icy place. Qatar is my first foreign place to visit; well so far I'm enjoying here. There are a couple of malls, a few beaches nearby, and some great restaurants... other than that, you're pretty much on your own for entertainment. There are some movie theater, though, I miss watching movie. 
I was born on June 5, 1976, and grew up in small village of San Roque, Pandan, Catanduanes, Philippines. 
Do you know why my name is Sandro? My father's name is Santos and my mother's name is Rosa - SANdRO - make sense? They are the greatest parents in the world! They gave me all the strengths I needed, to be competent in today's high competitive life.
I attended public elementary school in Tabugoc Central Elementary School and graduated as valedictorian (woohoo!) By that time, my dream is to be a Pilot or a Priest. 
Going to high school, many changes occur in my learning. I began to learned practical things like electricity, building constructions, automotive, and other engineering related stuffs. When I graduated in Pandan School of Arts and Trades (still with honor); I decided to pursue engineering course in college.
There was the typical, customary university romance thing, but let's skip over that for the time being... I went to college, in Adamson University, Manila, Philippines taking up B.S. Computer Engineering. I had some really great experience there... managed to pass some failed subjects at second time, but I had a high momentum when I graduated in 1997 that Iíll have a great future. 

Even before graduation, I have a sure job waiting for me in Acer Philippines. There I got to do all kinds of fun stuff like rip computers apart and put them back together, and learned such words as "wiring closet", "Netware", "Unix", "NT", and "PBX". I knew a lot more opportunities coming out there, but I have to move up to another level, so when opportunity arise to work in other country, with anticipation of more learning and responsibilities (please don't ask about financial compensation), I decided to try this new challenge.
Everything was history now. Iím here learning (I donít want to consider my self working) in Qatar. Our plant site is in the middle of desert, but inside the plant is the coolest place for me to continue my learning. 
I started here as Programmer (April 1999), and just recently (October 1999), management changed my job title as Systems Administrator, and one job grade higher.
As far as computers go, I've tried everything. I've run all the major PC operating systems. In Acer I was big into Windows NT. I came to my new company and my Linux guru beat it into my head that NT sucks. So I've been running Linux ever since. It's a great operating system and when I try to use Windows, I just get really pissed off.
I like to read. (Go figure, go!) Lots of computer books, a fair amount about Psychology, and whatever else I happen to snag. 

Lately I've been into Linux and security research.
I do other cool stuff too. I've always enjoyed going around in the city, especially at night (todayís weather in Qatar is perfect). I usually go with good friends (get it?) in the park, sea line, and destination nowhere.
Finding time for that? Well, it's difficult. I mean, how am I gonna check my email? :)

Written: 15-Nov-1999

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