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Sorry Mr. Gates, this page still under construction. Iím still figuring out how to solve blue screen in my NT server.

If youíre planning to use NT, forget it. NT SUCKS! Use Linux Power instead.

If you want to learn systems administration and networking, donít consider NT as your OS. You will learn nothing.

This page will contain NT tips and tricks and howtos. (Hopefully!) hehehehe.

Even I hate NT (basically all MS Operating System), I will still add here this topic. Remember, Iím still using NT in my job, and I have incredible experience in this OS already that I want to share with you to avoid pain in your ass.†

From multi processor installation to applications like RAS, Intranet, DNS, WINS, DHCP, WWW, FTP, and many security tips, and many more.†

Updates here will depend on my mood.

Written: 29-Oct-1999

Where is your RAS HOWTO?

For those who need my NT RAS HOWTO send email to me. I removed it here because the size is too big.†

Thanks to some people who requested already. Special mention to who made some corrections (hehehe, in grammar). No thanks buddy.

Written: 12-Dec-1999

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