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Vivian Sabas
Sept. 15, 2000

I have just one dream that someday all of us will be together again....

To all our barkadas working abroad specially to our dear two sisters (Jes & Joan), where are you? Could you please email/call us?...

We miss you much...


  Arnell Camit Jr.
Sept. 13, 2000

It's been a long time since we were altogether. So why don't we try our best to revive our group once again. If it's impossible bcoz of the distance that separates us perhaps we can still reunited through the No:XQz Homepage via Sandro's excellent webpage. I'd like to encourage the group to pls. post your messages. 

How I wish that there will come a time for us to be physically reunited (reunion). 

Lalaine, I guessed it's good also to see on the No:XQz Homepage some of our happy and weary moments (I mean some of our pictures) when we were still in the crisis of completing our Design Project. What can you say Sandro?

That's all folks and hope to see/read your messages next time I visit here.


  Arnell Camit Jr.
Sept. 9, 2000

It's my leisure time when I thought of the group. Of course I always think of you guys but I'm sorry coz I was idle for the past  months.

 How's the group nowadays? Who are married now and who are/is still single like me :-)? I was searching for the names of our co-members in the but found none except you Sandro. If you have communications why don't you encourage them to register. I've been missing to hear from anyone among the group.

So I'm glad to see the simple yet excellent homepage of our group. I'm not good in HTML so I couldn't take over for the upgrading nor the maintenance of our homepage. But what I can assure you is my constant visit in this page.

Musta naman ang mga co-members natin? I'll try to ring Jhun or Ryan later. I just hope that their numbers that is w/ me are still their contact numbers to date.


   Sandro T. Rafael
Jul. 20, 2000

Please send now any message that you want to post. This will be my last posting here. I want you to put here something.

Vivian please encourage our groupmates to visit this and see what they can say. Remember you can post here whatever you want there's no rule, no topic, pure coolness.

Jhun, how are you? I heard that you still have same *love problem*? hehehe... Pare naman, don't tell me na 'di mo pa cya girlfriend! Balitaan mo naman ako.

My vacation will be this August 10, but I'll go directly to Catanduanes. I'll see you after going to my birthplace.

O kayo naman!


 Sandro T. Rafael
Jul. 18, 2000

Hey guyz! At last I made it - we have now page of our own. If you have any suggestion about the design or you have any better place to put this page, please do so, for time being we can put this first here.

I know my color selection is poor (but personally I feel the combination cool and simple). The pattern is almost similar to my own webpage (I have limited talent to be creative). Well, I'm not good in HTML and this is my preference. I hate to put graphics in webpage coz it slow down the downloading. 

If you have any message that you want to post, please email me so that I can post it here. For the meantime I'll act as the webmaster of our page, anyone from the group that want to takeover, just let me know. I'm kinda busy and it will be a big help for me.

The name on the top will be a link for your own page, please create something your own and I will link it there. If you have already your own webpage, give me the URL.


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