Sandro T. Rafael
Wednesday, February 28, 2001
  i'm planning to change tripod as my web host. i found i'm very limited here when it comes to scripting and other advance web designing. i'm on the process of finding a free web host without banner ads and most of all it must be a unix or linux server.

i'll let u know when i find a new home. 
  its final now! my vacation will start this friday march 2 and i will be back in work march 11.
long huh? hehehe. :-) 
Monday, February 26, 2001
  This is just a test post. blah blah blah....
Blogger have some problem lately...
I'm doing some changes here too...
Check! Check! Check! - Just checking if my posting works.
:) Yes it is!
Have a nice day everyone.
Oh by the way, next week, we will have a whole week vacation. Cool right? Uhmmm... I need to start planning how to spend it. Any suggestion? 
Sunday, February 25, 2001
  New Guidelines for Dietary Selenium - I'm researching about selenium when I found this report that examines available scientific data on both beneficial and harmful health effects of four nutrients typically found in food: vitamins C and E; selenium; beta-carotene and other carotenoids. Take a look for your information. 
  The WORD Today: Judging others (Luke 6:39-45) JESUS told His disciples a parable, "Can a blind person guide a blind person? Will not both fall into a pit? No disciple is superior to the teacher; but when fully trained, every disciple will be like his teacher. Why do you notice the splinter in your brother's eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own? How can you say to your brother, 'Brother, let me remove that splinter in your eye,' when you do not even notice the wooden beam in your own eye? You hypocrite! Remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter in your brother's eye. "A good tree does not bear rotten fruit, nor does a rotten tree bear good fruit. For every tree is known by its own fruit. For people do not pick figs from thornbushes, nor do they gather grapes from brambles. A good person out of the store of goodness in his heart produces good, but an evil person out of a store of evil produces evil; for from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks."
+ + +
In the gospel, Jesus is presented as seeing both words and actions as reflective of inner disposition. Believers are invited to be prudent in choosing a guide. This means that we have to evaluate carefully what our leaders say and do, and see whether there is congruence between their preaching and their way of life. In a situation where the leader is wicked or simply dumb, failure to do so can very well spell disaster. If a blind person attempts to serve as a guide of another blind person, there is a big likelihood that both of them will fall into a pit.

The gospel also reminds us to reflect on our own failures, weaknesses, and limitations, to accept these and learn our lesson. In so doing, we become less judgmental and more understanding of others' frailties. At the same time, backed by the wisdom gained from our experience, we can lead others to change for the better, on the way of conversion. Again we do this as living witnesses - by our words and deeds.

A well-known lay preacher once shared that when he was young, he was sexually molested by two male confreres on separate occasions. One was a youth leader whom he saw leading the morning prayer just a few hours after his dastardly act. It was the most despicable sight he had ever seen in his whole life. But he learned to forgive. Truly he has taken to heart Jesus' call for forgiveness on the cross. This preacher is both popular and effective because he is credible. And he is credible because his words flow from the fullness of his heart.

SOURCE: "365 Days with the Lord," ST. PAULS, 7708 St. Paul Rd., SAV, Makati City (Phils.); Tel.: 895-9701; Fax 8907130; E-mail:; Website:
Saturday, February 24, 2001
  Heartfelt condolence to Pagquil Family.
Tatang – father of my brother-in-law, Kuya Nolly – passed away.
Please join me in praying for the soul of Tatang. 
  Thanks to all people who prayed for my mother. We have now answered prayer! The scheduled type of treatment for her, which have lots of expected side effects, is now lowered to a milder one. Her MD will observe for one week if she will react positively with this kind of mild treatment. If yes, she’ll maintain this kind of mild chemotherapy. Otherwise, she will need to undergo for severe one.

This week is very crucial for her. Let’s continue praying, whatever the best outcome, let it be. 
Wednesday, February 21, 2001
  Dear friends, I’m asking your support and help in my moment of crisis. Before, I promised myself not to share this condition here. I don’t want you to sympathize with me and feel you bad. But I guess, sharing this, will help me to cope with my on going stress and loneliness.

The situation is constructive. We’d been here last year, and we manage it rightly. Doing all possible_worldly_remedies and Trusting God was the main component of it. We acted as one big and more loving family by supporting each other.

Now, the sequel came again. Externally all of us showing we are strong and confident as last year – even more. And now it’s easier to comprehend the situation. No “Whys”, No “What-Ifs”, and no many other questions anymore. We know that this is God's Will and He will help us to pass this again.

But internally (personally speaking), I have some fear of losing the most important person in my life… and I love most…

…I can’t continue this writing. I can’t express myself anymore.

Sorry friends if I’m un-understandable here...

Before I end this, I’m asking your heartfelt prayer for my mother and to all our loved ones.

God Bless. 
Tuesday, February 20, 2001
  Normally when I’m receiving forwarded_email I’m deleting it right away (sorry if you’re one of these people sending those kind of email), I’m not enjoying and spending time to read specially those chain_kind_of_email.

Today, when I opened my inbox I got around 20+ of it – and I clicked my mouse rhythm-itically ‘delete-delete-delete-delete...’ – resulting in only 4 new personal emails undeleted.

After that I check my server’s log, status of network devices, and other of my early administrative morning routine.

When I returned back to my personal workstation, I’m surprise I got 5 new emails again and those are again forwarded_email. More surprisingly the subject are all the same and similar to most of the emails I deleted a while ago!

Those are all about the Miriam Defensor Santiago's big mouth.

“What the hell’s going on?” I ask myself.

Inquisitively, I give some time to read and I found it really interesting – and even worth forwarding. I’m sure you already received this email many times from your friend. And in case no one still cares to send you this, expect today or the next few days you will receive ample of it.

Whoa! Internet generation is here now! Level of intelligence, understanding and awareness are getting higher - bringing information dissemination unstoppable.

To Miriam – we Filipinos are not species of lower life forms and we will remember what you said. 
Monday, February 19, 2001
  Last night I went to see the Final match of the first ever woman tennis tournament here in the gulf as world number one Martina Hingis won the tournament. I observe how spectators got wild just to see perfectly_fitted_body of those female tennis players that bring the center court almost packed and big difference in crowd comparing to the past male tennis tournaments held also in same venue.

Some funny thing happened in that event when one of the stallions in the awarding ceremony discharges his shit while moving around, and one cleaner removes it using his hands as people applauded him more than the game match.

The awarding ceremony was really great. Martina entered the stadium riding a brown stallion and dress as a princess in purple thobanashil. In the winner’s interview Martina said, "I have always wanted to look like a princess... it is my childhood dream… and it’s a dream come true here”. She added, “This is the first women's tournament in the Gulf and I am proud to be a part of this historical moment. I felt very responsible coming here and knew that I had to win. I am relieved that I played well and won. I will come next year and defend my title. This is a special event for me." 
Sunday, February 18, 2001
  Saddam vs Bush, Part 2: Iraq vows revenge - 10 years ago when the first "War in the Gulf" happened my eldest sister was in Saudi Arabia and we're all worried. Now... 
  Welcome to Manila Mama, Papa. Enjoy your stay. Anything you need just let me know. Hehehe.
I'll call you tonight. Miss you all. I love you. 
  My two previous days bring me some new definition in life. 
Friday, February 16, 2001
  agh-ohh... i better stay with this lay-out first... i tried other formats and style but i'm just not happy... hehehe... told you, today is my relaxation day, i don't want to spend long time here...

what's next? hmmm... i'll do exercise!

lalalalala lala lalala... (singing mode) :-) 
  Weekend here again... nothing much to do. I'm planning to just relax today - take an off and break my daily routine... Oh great! I'm feeling some excitement today.

For the meantime, I’ll give some time to hack this site. Expect some changes in the layout and maybe if I’m not feeling bored, I’ll change some style here.

Oh yeah, thanks to all people give time to comment in my yesterday’s posting. I loved it. It has now more brain and emotion. It also made yesterday as my highest number of visitor since I put a counter in this site. 
Thursday, February 15, 2001
  Ahem... Somebody has eCRUSHed on me. Thank you, whoever you are. I'm flattered but... 
  It's the real thing: satellite in a Coke can - Got a Coke can? You've got the beginnings of a satellite.  
  Electronic Paper Turns the Page Printable - This is about the continuing development of "electronic paper" and has a nice overview of the history of the field and a some good info about current technologies under development. A must to read. 
  Computer Dating Agency - This is really cool... hehehe... You just enter some vitals about your box and can match it up with other people's boxen. Who knows maybe mine will be the true love of yours. 
  The caused of death of Lolo Teban is not "oldness" but car accident. 
At last Valentine’s Day over! 
Tuesday, February 13, 2001
  Lolo Teban the oldest man in our barrio passed away in the age of more than 100. He’s now really a history - many tales about him he himself told - mixed of noble and awful. Stories like how he survived from Spanish to Japanese up to American rulings and managed to amass vast amount of lands in our place. This made him virtually owner of the whole barrio and nearby places. In fact the house we are living today was his previous family house and almost all of our land properties were bought from him. One great legacy he left is his big family circle. I’m not sure, but I guess he had 3 wives and I’m really not sure about the number of children. One interesting observation in those 3 (or so) families, it was in different generations. You can easily distinguish the difference in his set of children in age and in breed. Well, I don’t want to classify person here but that’s the way I observed.

Since I was a child, I looked Lolo Teban as a human to study how to live fully in this world. He’s my constant teacher about history, present and future. He’s very intelligent, conversational and religious - not to mention his passion and sense in life.

He looked me as a delicate person and always warned in all kinds of adversity in life. He knows me very much from my root – my grand grandparents lives up to what I’m now. He has a pretty descent understanding in computers though he based it in films he watched.

He truly believes on me and to my family. Every time we have conversation he is always convincing me to run for public official and to lead our place…. He always reminds me to don’t ever forget my birthplace, the people in our barrio, to share and help them the best that we can.

Endless words of wisdom I can remember from him. Definitely he is one (of many) person shaped my life. Whatever I will achieve in the future, Lolo Teban is one of the reason.

Thank you Lolo Teban. I will always remember you with prayers as my teacher, my father, and my friend. Rest in peace Lolo Teban. God Bless you. 
Monday, February 12, 2001
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My disturbing desktop today. 
  Users just keep coming by with their questions. They're not big and threatening and none of them really hurts very much, but at the end of the day all your time has gone to them -- you've been pecked to death by ducks.
- Elizabeth Zwicky
Administrator, Silicon Graphics

Now, stop asking what's my job. I work for ducks. 
  Computing is not about computers. It is about life. We are discussing a fundamental cultural change: Being digital is not just being a geek or Internet surfer or mathematically savvy child. It is actually a way of living and is going to impact absolutely everything. The way you work, the way you study, the way you amuse yourself, the way you communicate among your friends, with your kids.
- Nicholas Negroponte
Director MIT MediaLab

Can somebody read this? Awareness, awareness, awareness... 
Sunday, February 11, 2001
  I just finished my (heavy) lunch and.... (yawn) I'm feeling... uhmmm...(stretching my body)... drowsy

Speaking of food... last Friday, pizza in CIAO (one Italian restaurant here in Doha) was great... and they have almost all kinds of pizza and pasta that you can imagine.

Did you enjoy it Jane? 
  This morning, I went to our Control Room for some routine checking and I was surprise when one Pakistani gave me a gift. Hehehe. It’s a funny figure I don’t know what’s the name… It’s really funny. Hehehe.
I know this is non-sense to you guyz, I just want to share something unusual....

Hi Mhay! Thanks for visiting my friend. 
  Wanted: Husbands on the Net; locals need not apply - "Akong pilion kadto gyung makatabang ug dako sa akong pamilya (I'll eventually choose the one who will be able to help my family a lot)."
"Hayahay iyang kinabuhi didto kay dako ug kita iyang bana (Her life is better there because her husband earns a lot)."  
  Ely Buendia's love affair with the written word - “I don’t believe in speed reading… I go over a line or paragraph 10 to 15 times if I really like it.” And, as the ultimate tribute to his love for books, Ely has named his infant son Eon Dracula. Scary huh?
Saturday, February 10, 2001
  All the World's a Stage of DNA - "The genes present within DNA molecules are the script for life. I like to think of the human genome as the play of life, and the actors are the protein molecules," said Watson, now president of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. "The whole thing is the play of life with at least 30,000 genes or actors." 
  Bone Growth Stimulator - This story will be very interesting for women and space geeks. A State University of New York at Stonybrook researcher has invented a machine that stimulates bones growth in subjects by just having them stand on a vibrating platform. A sheep using the gizmo 20 minutes a day had 20% denser bones after only a year. The idea was to help post-menapausal women, but now it might be used to strengthen astronauts' bones before and during flights. As you know, bones in zero gravity tend to get weaker and more brittle. The weird part is how the device works. Muscle builds by responding to damage, but that's apparently not how bone gets stimulated into growing. It seems that muscle contractions occur within frequencies of 20-50Hz and bones "hear" that oscillation as a message to build up. According to the article, the platform mimics that signal by vibrating undetectably within those frequencies. Interesting, huh? Read it. 
  Happy birthday to the best mom in the world! Wish you the best of health. Miss you. I love you Mama. 
Friday, February 09, 2001
  Weekend here. My last week was not so great. I feel I can do better than what I did last week. I dunno, I’m just not satisfied really - because I exert lots of effort to bring my best in my everyday life but the outcome still almost similar to my loss-days.

So what went wrong? Where did I fail? What should I do? Hmmmm.

If I can lesser those “wasted_time”, and convert it in “prolific_time”, I can have more “efficiency”, and save lots of time and effort going to my satisfying day.

This morning when I woke up, I prayed and meditate - visualize myself what will be my activities today, and I’m happy because even weekend here my unconscious mind still willing to spend my day in excellence.

Alright, I hope I’ll be happy.

(I hope you understand the difference of “I’m happy” and “I’ll be happy” in bold letters above.) 
Thursday, February 08, 2001
  Follow Your E-Mail Everywhere - Imagine being able to trace where your e-mail goes, and where it's forwarded. Say you had a way to verify that the CEO of the Fortune 500 company you've been hounding for a job indeed got the resume you e-mailed him. Or that you could tell if your girlfriend lied when she denied getting your message that begged her not to go to that conference in Jamaica with her assistant who turned out to be rather hunky?
  google i want to look at some pornography - Just for my curiosity I tried to search and type that whole phrase. Google says: Err, yes, son, we'll see what we can do about it. Hmmmmm… Check the result by urself. Beware - these sites aren't probably for chidren. I haven’t seen each, and I’m not planning to check. (Shhhh.. my family are checking my page, behave, behave...)
  f.u.b.a.r - Check this site. I bet you never seen this kind before. Oppps R-18. 
  Ways To Leave Your Lover - I'm sure everyone will read this. :) 
  Thinking About Exercise Keeps You Fit - Studies claims that thinking about exercise for 20 minutes per day, 3 times a week is all the average adult needs to stay fit. It says also that the best time to do this thinking is while surfing the internet where you can find pictures of people exercising to keep your mind focussed. Rhythmic mouse clicking exercises can also increase your longevity by up to 700 hours.
What do you think? 
  Sounds me? - When I’m reading this article I can’t help myself but to smile deep in my heart… 
  Implant Achieves Female Orgasm: Dr. Stuart Meloy was putting an electrode into the woman's spine in an attempt to ease her chronic pain, he not only reduced her back pain, but gave her an unexpected -- but delightful -- side-effect. 
Wednesday, February 07, 2001
  I'm in peak performance zone today. You heard about C-Zone
Tuesday, February 06, 2001
  Today is not a good day here in my weblog discussion area. I don’t know why some other people wasting time just to destroy or at least pissed other people lives. I’m really feeling bad to most of the comments today because it shows only majority of my readers are uneducated. Sorry for the word but even worse word than that I can easily use to describe to what “you” are doing here.

I’m giving you freedom of speech here to discuss something about what I posted – but you’re abusing it! The purpose of my discussion area is for you to add more information or ask question and clarify to what I posted. Are we all here ignorant?

Again, if you have any personal message, use the proper method. Send me email and I’m sure I’ll try to reply you back as soon as I have time. Somehow if you’re mad of me and you want to tell the whole wide world how wicked I am, hey don’t use my own web page to get even to me. Build your own and submit it to all search engine or even I can link you here in my homepage.

My apology if I deleted some comments in previous posting. I hope it will never occur again.


I’m unable to finish even a single chapter in my book today. In the morning I was hook in my new Linux document that I’m reading. In the afternoon I’m just not in focus to read, possibly because of some disturbing comments in my discussion area - honestly I was little bit annoyed. I really want to participate in that “piece_of_shit”, but I try my best to control my emotion. I even don’t read it again, because I know, series of “clone_shit” will come.

Later in the day in the office, we experienced Internet connection problem – it’s all our ISP’s fault. Heck, this country is so cool – imagined only one ISP (monopoly) and they're doing maintenance work anytime they wish to. Whew! It just added to displeasure I’m feeling today.

I guess I need to end now my day - sleep and take rest now. Wake up early and start a better day tomorrow.

God bless everyone. 
Monday, February 05, 2001
  Murphy is here now in my discussion area. His law is over ruling now this page. What can I say? “Buckle-up everybody and enjoy the ride!”

Starting now, I’ll try to minimize responding to each comment here – I reserve mine only to those rational one. And I’ll respond back (in my idle time) thru email to answer or clarify other (non-sense) comments posted – so please provide your real email address.

Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and I respect that. But please understand that this is not a right place for any flame_word_war, and please respect me too. Before posting anything please think (at least) twice what will be the impact of your statement.

Anyway, I wanna say thank you for giving time in visiting this site, reading the discussion area, and brave enough to post something notable. Regardless it’s favorable or destructible - you guys bringing more vivacity in this webpage.

Even myself feel thrilled each time new comment posted - lots of surprises huh? This is a great learning experience for me. Hope you’re learning too.

Just for clarification: FreiX stands for free unix (FREeunIX)… not freak!
Claro? Sprite! 
Sunday, February 04, 2001
  Arnell my group mate in No:XQz posted some cool pictures in our site, and I created a hilarious but agonizing essay about it.

Thanks to all visiting this weblog. Since I opened discussion here in my tripod site, my hits rose steadily. Maybe they are trying to see how many grammar mistakes I’ll commit.

What the hell is this weblog? This is now a big part of my life. It entered in my bloodstream like a virus, took root, and stand my way in documenting myself. I can only let loose on a web journal like this if I don't care what people I know will think when they read it. In case of traditional diary no one else at all ever reads what you've written, which makes the whole exercise completely different. Here putting myself in public is a bold move and almost-insane-thing specially putting the discussion section and all comments are viewable to the public.

Am I destroying my own privacy here? Then, maybe I better stop this hype before too late.

But NO! I’ll not!… I love now this weblog. I will continue this indefinitely. After 50 years I want to read all about myself in the past 50 years – ONLINE.

I’ll remain this public without worrying what other people may think of me, or write of me. I have nothing to hide – I’m honest throughout my life. No one can destroy me.

If you find my weblog interesting, I'm glad. Drop me a line and say hi. If ur message is private please use the proper means or join the discussion for public viewable comments.

And if you don't, that's fine, too. Maybe you should start one of your own. 
Saturday, February 03, 2001
  Wew! ‘Twas a long weekend… Back to work tomorrow. I’m unable to finish my book. I read two chapters yesterday and another two chapters today. Pretty bad since I did nothing these two days, suppose to be just to read.

I attended mass yesterday night, and we have a visiting priest. He’s very dark and small (short), most of all he talks very slow. Good thing I was seated near the front row. Otherwise I’ll fall sleep in the church, specially I was alone – no one will wake me up. Gospel is all about perseverance and true belief in God – when Simon (Peter) followed Jesus after the “fishing” incident.

After reading my 2 chapters this morning – my mind start wandering and I'm unable to focus again to what I’m reading. I go outside of my room to have some walk and I saw a VCD titled “The 6th Day” lying near the computer in our living room. I tried to ignore it and go back to the new chapter I’m reading – dammit, it just added to the distraction in my focus.

As you guess, I’m an action and sci-fi movie fan – so immediately I put that VCD to Agila (my notebook) plugged my Bose speaker – blast! My room turned to a Movie Theater!

The film's premise is heavily based in TRUE science fiction; that is, fiction having its basis in scientific truth, using projections of the future to fully examine some aspect of our society. Sorry to go into such an elaborate definition, but I believe a lot of stuff gets swept into the category of science fiction simply because it has a robot, or takes place in outer space. But I digress. This fictional reality here deals with cloning. In the film, which takes place in the "near future," cloning is an every-day practice, but only with pets and animals. Cloning people has been outlawed, as the original human cloning project went horribly wrong.

With this premise, the film is wide open to make many social observations, and does so very well, on occasion. Much of the legalities concerning cloning, as well as the ethical concerns, are discussed and examined by the characters. Even though the technology exists in the future, it is not widely accepted.

Okay, I’m getting long and deeper here; I can find lots of words to say about that film specially I have real interest in this subject – CLONING. You heard about GENOME project?

To sum it up, this film is more than as an action or sci-fi film – it is a reality of our future – sooner than you expected.

Well, I guess that’s it for today. This posting kinda long now. I hope you're still reading up to here.
Friday, February 02, 2001
  Wake up late, hehehe, as I'm anticipated... Well, I need to start myself grinding. Hmmm, at least 2 chapters to read today, yeah, at least... I'm still not finished hacking this page, I hope I can find some time later to continue this. Oh, if you can give me some feedback in this new look, or if you have any suggestion, please let me know, so that I can save time brainstorming what's rocks - what's sucks in this page.

Also as you can observed, I'm maintaining a mirror (actually I have 2 more sites excluding the No:XQz and, I'm just keeping the other 2 for experiments, and still a secret, but surprisingly as I see the access log, some visitors already coming)... Well, the reason is I'm comparing (strdoc.tripod / strdoc.manilasites which is cooler, more traffic of access, easy to maintain, faster, etc.. Eventually, I'll dump others and just maintain and focus in one. If you can give me suggestion, which is better, I'll count it.

Reading time now... Ugh... 
  MS shakes down F2001 - Here Schuma comes... Whoa!
WIRED - A cracker posted to the Bugtraq board what he said was a script -- computer code that would allow people to take advantage of a recently discovered hole in BIND, the software that pushes information across the Internet.  
  This weblog is really addicting. See what time is it? And I'm still awake. But this is cool. I learned a lot specially in dynamic web page designing. Hacking this page is worth rewarding. Anyway, I don't have work tomorrow (today), I can afford to wake up late.

Today, I need to finish my ICND book.

Later, we have schedule of chat with Baby and Nene. I hope you can join us Manoy.
Missed you all. 
Thursday, February 01, 2001
  Nice talking to my sister in UK - 'twas long, maybe more than 2 hours. Oh yeah, as well as to Ana too.

I'm busy hacking this site. As you can see lots of changes in design. Basically I'll maintain the simplicity and keep this fast to load in your browser. 
  Just some testing how time changes here in my posting.
  Kickstart your month of February!!!
Valentines day is coming... :(
I remember 1 month ago... :(
Ughhhhh! Love is really a mystery. 
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